Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Irish Horde

Got around to finishing the painting on the Irish this week. Even took them for a fight with the Central Ohio Saga players club :)

The Horde

The Warriors

The Fianna

The Curaidh

The Warlord

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fall In

Just back from the Fall In show at Lancaster PA, and what a great show it was. A big thanks to all of you that stopped by the booth to chat and buy stuff. Myself and Don were joined by our partner in the UK, Andrew Chesney (Ches), who flew in to help out and run the Warlord stand, as Footsore is the official show rep for Warlord in the US now. It was a great show for both companies by the time Sunday came around.

It was great meeting lots of new faces as well as some familiar ones. Here are a few pics from the show :)

The vendor hall at Fall In

The FPW French saw their first releases

As did the Corvii

My old Army gaming buddy from some 20+ years ago just happened to wander by. Which was nice :)


Howard Fielding dropped by for a chat.

Ches helping people find just what they needed as always.

Should I?

Charles placing a rather large order with Ches

The three amigos after the show. Tired but happy :)