Wednesday 30 July 2014

Historicon 2014 Report.

The dust has settled after our first official releases at Historicon. We had a great time at the Con meet new friends and old. Thank you all who came over to look, say hi, chat and buy. We really appreciated your time and the great feedback you gave us over the 4 days. Can't wait for the next one now :)

For those that couldn't make it we had on release our Dark Age Anglo-Saxons, Irish and Skraelings. Due to a last minute molding problem we couldn't get our FPW French or the 1st Minnesota out in time, although we did have samples of both that proved a hit with a lot of people. Work is underway now to sort out the problem and get the website live in the next week or so.

 Enjoying our first show together.

Our first customer, ironically named Bill being congratulated by err...Bill 

Bill and Wojciech Flis, Warlord Games uber sculptor taking time out at the Fredrickburg Battlefield.

We all had a great time. A special thanks goes out to the Historicon organizers and also to Don's wife Gaelyn and the funniest man on the planet Brian Higgins for helping out on the stand. :)