Thursday, 23 January 2014

Welcome to Footsore Miniatures

This will be the first of many posts that will keep you up to date with our new en devour in the world of historical miniatures. We plan to produce some of the finest 28mm historical miniatures available on the market so you can always look your best on the gaming table.

We will be opening with two periods in the coming months. They will be the Franco-Prussian War and Caesars Gallic Wars. We hope to have our first releases available around March/April followed by steady releases throughout 2014.

The initial ranges will be sculpted by Bill Thornhill (Musketeer Miniatures), with later ranges possibly introducing other guest sculptors.

Footsore Miniatures is a close collaboration between Donald Hauser and Bill Thornhill. We are both keen wargamers with a passion for good looking wargames armies. The aim is to create armies that look alive on your gaming table. So alive that your opponent will feel he's lost the battle before the first die is rolled, just from the sight of your troops facing him.

As soon as we have some finished sculpts we will be posting them, but until them, here's a shot of the workbench :)


  1. Oh, Caesar's Gallic Wars - I'm looking forward to that one :)

  2. I´ve always wait for a good range of Franco Prussians!