Thursday, 30 January 2014

French Officer #2

Just the pistol and sword to add to this, but enough for today :)


  1. Great stuff, he could have stepped right out of a Neuville painting.

  2. Another cracking looking figure :)

    I guess it comes down to economics for you but will you consider a pack or two of characters to add into rank and file units or maybe extra head sets bandaged, bareheaded French I'm thinking?

    Finally will pack sizes follow the Musketeer Minis numbers per pack?

  3. Rob thats exactly what I'd planned. In fact I'm just about to do that very thing for the GNW packs I've just done.

    As for pack sizes, yes I'll stick with 4 infantry and 3 cavalry per pack. Seems to be what most people are comfy with. We'll also be providing unit packs too.

  4. The thought is Unit packs will come in 12, 24 and maybe 32 for foot with command; horse would be 12 and maybe 18 with command. If there is a strong market requirement for other sizes we would certainly be inclined to support it.

    My own plan is to run 24 figure French Bttns, 36 figure Chasseurs and 32 figure Prussian; with 18 figure Cav Rgts for both sizes.


  5. Wow. That follows my organization almost exactly.

  6. Michael; great minds think alike. :)