Sunday, 22 June 2014

Historicon Releases

With only 4 weeks to go before Historicon its probably time to put up a list for what we have planned in the way of releases.

Our initial plan was just to concentrate of FPW but business success really depends on appealing to as many different customer bases as possible. So with that in mind we decided to branch out with some other periods that would appeal to other folk who might not be into the FPW.

We decided that it would be fun to produce some ACW but rather than repeat the basic figures, we would just look initially at sculpting some specific colorful units from the first year or so of the war. We picked the 1st Minnesota because of the bright red shirts they wore at 1st Bull Run. There is some debate on headgear so we thought we'd do both :)

We've always been fans of the Dark Ages for wargaming so it was inevitable that we'd delve into that period. We're not putting them together in any particular order, more down to what Bill wants to sculpt at the time. Saxons are a must for fighting battles in Dark Age Britain. The Irish are not often tackled by manufactures so we thought we'd try them, and the Skraelings because everybody needs something weird to throw at their Vikings :)

So that's the current plan. All the figures marked with an * are going to be there on the day, with anything unmark planned but not definate. Its all down to sculpting time now as Bill has other work he's doing alongside Footsore, but if we keep feeding him coffee and Redbull, who knows?


French Infantry Officers x4*
French Command x2 Ensigns, x1 Drummer x1 Bugler*
French Infantry advancing port arms/trail
French Infantry advancing shouldered arms *

1st Minnesota Command
1st Minnesota Infantry advancing in Round Hats
1st Minnesota Infantry advancing in Covered Caps*


Irish Warlord and Bannerman*
Irish Heroes x 2*
Irish Warriors x 4 (random selection from 16 variants)*
Irish Fianna w/axes x 4 (8 random variants)*

Anglo-Saxon Warlord and Bannerman*
Anglo-Saxon Heroes x 2
Anglo-Saxon Unarmoured Spearmen x 4 (random selection from 16 variants)*

Skraeling Warlord *
Skraeling Shaman
Skraeling Warriors x4 (8 random variants)*
Skraeling Archers x 4*

Pictures will follow over the next days and weeks, but here is a cheeky WIP of the Irish on the painting table ;)


  1. Hi Bill

    Thanks for the list... there are lots of interesting things on it (sadly no prussians though). Any idea how those of us not going to historicon will be able to order these? I've been waiting to get my hands on those french for months now... I can't wait to put brush to metal!


    1. Hi Rob
      The website is being worked on at the moment. We may have to provide a stop gap solution until its up and running via the blog. Its something we are working on either way.
      No Prussians yet, but I assure you they are on the way once we get Historicon over with :)

  2. The official website for ordering product online is next on my list of items to accomplish.

  3. Bill You've no time for fancy pictures n such; back to the bench my friend we need 1st Minn Cmd. :P

  4. Good to know that it's coming... although I'm happy with a stop-gap ordering system from the blog if that means we get the figures sooner!


  5. Yes good to know, Paypal would be ideal.

  6. We will be using Paypal; for now even an interim system wouldn't work right now as we are not in full spin production yet. It is coming and it is coming in a month or two tops. Trying to get the manufacturing settled and in place. Very glad you all are as excited as us about these figures. I personally can't wait to put paint and brush to the FPW figures.

  7. Hi Bill,

    A couple of questions mate:

    Will the mini's be available in the UK from a UK supplier?

    Will you be extending the range of Saxons and Irish?

    I love the FPW stuff BTW- beautiful sculpts as always mon ami.


    1. Hey Darrell

      Yes the lists will extend, these are just what we will have at Historicon for the launch. As for UK supplier, we are considering our options at the moment. We've had a couple of offers already to consider. This is pretty much Don's realm more than mine.

  8. Thanks for the info Bill.

    Please keep us all up to speed on a UK supplier mon ami.



    Check out the YouTube link. It's a taste of the new danish film 1864. Though not the FPW it does give a good flavour of the period. Now Bill will this enthuse you for post FPW figures Prussians and Austrians fighting as allies!!

    1. Great looking movie Paul--if it was solely up to me we would concentrate on the armies from Crimea to the Russo-Japanese & Balkan Wars exclusively.

  10. All of that looks very exciting, but i must say as a keen ACW fan and from the state of Minnesota I'm extremely interested in this!!


    1. I'm not going to spoil any surprises but after 1st Minn comes 79th NY. :D

  11. Replies
    1. Oh that there was enough time lol! Prussian infantry are the priority for sculpting as soon as Historicon is out of the way.

  12. Excellent news. Really looking forward to this range. Delighted that both types of picklehaub will be modeled.
    Now very keen to buy some.