Thursday, 24 April 2014

Quick update

Its been a busy month so sorry for the lack of updates. I had a few problems with the molding can that the molds go into to cook. New can on the way so assoon as its here we can actually get some castings done. I've started the Prussian command now and here is a sneak peek at the first officer. Sorry the picture's not very good

I've been reading so good books on the FPW which has been inspirational. I made the mistake of also starting to watch the series Vikings. That may have been a mistake. Oh well!:-)



  1. Nice to see another update... is there any idea when the first wave will be on sale?

    And out of curiosity, what are the FPW books youve been reading?


  2. Looking good, like the mutton chops.

  3. Is Vikings available online yet?

  4. Hi Rob, Here is a list although certainly not complete:

    1-The Franco-German War Vols 1-5 $150
    German General Staff
    Battery Press (exhaustive study from the German perspective)

    2-French Army MAA233
    French Army MAA237
    German Armies MAA411
    German Armies MAA422
    Osprey Publishing $12-15 each (npt perfect but good)

    3-The Franco-Prussian War (Older-still relevant)
    Michael Howard
    Routledge $35

    4-The Franco-Prussian war (Newer-haven't read this yet)
    Geoffrey Wawro
    Cambridge Univ Press $25

    5-Franco-Prussian War Vol 1-2 (newer and excellent sadly OOP)
    Quintin Barry
    Helion & Co (OOP) $100

    6-Battle of Worth (excellent detail study)
    GFR Henderson
    Helion & Co $35

    7-Battle of Spichern (another excellent detail study)
    GFR Henderson
    Helion & Co $40