Friday, 21 February 2014

French Musicians

I always find them the most pointless of figures to sculpt, but people seem to want them. Its probably just me then lol!

Anyway here's the WIP :)


  1. Ah, it's the old character/command pack conundrum.....

    I love characters and command packs- the more the better in fact, but I do understand why they aren't the favourites sculptors manufacturers ;>)


  2. Looking good. I always prefer active looking figures that fit in nicely with a unit's appearance. The attention to detail on your figures is always eye catching.

  3. But what will your little lead men do with no bugler to sound the attack ;-)

    Great looking figure none the less.

  4. His partner loves command and characters so we will have them. :D

    To me there is something just brilliant about a line of troops moving quickly with flags flying, Officers screaming, drummers and buglers adding to the cacophony and an NCO at the end of the line encouraging the boys to keep the ranks.

    They might not all be available at the same time but we will be offering them.